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25-Aug-2017 12:12

Maggie and her husband, Greg, spent a lot of time with us and the four of us got along very well.

We often would go out to the movies or miniature golf or even just for dinner, but we never really hung out at home together.

The sisters where disappointed at the distance that they would be apart but we promised that we would get together for weekends, etc.

Well it was another month before the sisters could schedule our first weekend together.

We counted up how many articles each member had and the Girls had five each (pair of socks was one article) and the guys had four each.

We played five-card draw and I dealt the first hand.

They were still quite covered by their shirts (to our disappointment) but they were down to one article.

We would head up to their new place on Friday night for the weekend. Maggie gave us the tour of the new apartment while Greg fired up the grill.

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