Dating places to go

25-Oct-2017 03:37

It’s a great place to go for a date if you like to just sit, relax, and watch a game with your date.

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Once you are all geared up, you take a few steps towards the jumping platform with instructions.

A perfect place for a date in Seoul for the refined.

Location: Subway Line 2, Seocho Station, Exit 3 Green (local line) Bus No.

(single people can enjoy too ;)) 1.) Sky Rose Garden (하늘 로즈 가든) “A Beautiful Rose Garden” You will hit the jackpot for sure by showing off your loved one this sweet date spot!

In fact, you can hit two birds with one stone because this garden lies on top of a movie theater – but not just any movie theater!Also, the place features over 20,000 different specifies of roses!

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